Seorang kawan aku ada buat kira-kira mengenai personaliti diri berdasarkan tarikh lahir dinamakan kiraan metafizik (metaphysic). Terus gila mengira dan menjeling-jeling keputusan. Yang tak betul tu ‘bukan aku’, yang betul tu ‘ya, memang aku’..hehehe…

Jom aku kongsi siapakah aku.

Basic Code: knowing your self-potential through birth date by using metaphysics approaches:


Jadi keputusan untuk aku ialah: tengok box yang berwarna merah (O): 6

Untuk si ENAM:


Mad money, taste luxury, independent, want to control, unselfishness, love to sit at home, smart, honest, humane, loving, greedy

STEP 2: Chassis code description

Sila rujuk gambar rajah di atas, lihat huruf I, J, O

Berdasarkan kiraan aku pula ialah 7, 3, 6

Jadi penilaian ialah:

CODE: 3 (My Chassis Number)


  • All-rounder – kaki sibuk memang macam tu..(^_^)
  • Idealistic – Yewwww..tidak!
  • Active – Kadang-kadang, lebih-lebih lagi bila lapar.
  • forward      looking – Iya, selalu tunggu gaji hujung bulan.
  • One who knows and understands what he or she wanted – iyakah? sampai hari ini tak maju setapak pun.
  • Ability      to distinguish a good or bad – bila mengantuk tak jalan pun.
  • A      talent in any field he / she chooses – penyanyi ka?artiskah/model kah?
  • Can be rich and wealthy, if working in earnest – harap-harap, amin..amin..
  • Frank – hah?is it?
  • Easy  to express views on matters – aku pemalu lah..(^_*)..


  • These individuals may become too aggressive – true!
  • rude and quick temper – True!
  • Usually  he / she took things easy and not firm (not unreasonable) – True!
  • Sometimes misbehaved – always!
  • A laser. If you are not careful with the words, can cause cracks in a relationship – really?not la..(-_-‘)



  • This is the number to continue to exist or live – thank u!
  • Number  6 controls property and wealth – thank u!
  • Representing pleasures – thank u!
  • Very polite, but has a high taste in life – emmmm..not la!
  • Number 6 will be successful in careers such as education, art and religious works – thank u! alhamdulillah!
  • This individual will be popular in society – hah?betulkah?
  • He / she is also always concerned about subordinates – lum ada kakitangan pun.
  • Like to help and care for them – insyaAllah!
  • Always be the peacemaker – trouble maker adalah..(^_^)


  • A person who likes to take pride in and will not be easy – hah?fitnah belaka.
  • Do not listen to or the words of another person other than a superior – tidakkkk!
  • Caused there to do something self-interest – hemmm?

CODE: 7 (My Chassis Number)


  • Very skilled and very careful when dealing with anything – kadang-kadang
  • This individual will not forget those who have helped him / her –yup, kau berbudi aku merasa, kau berbudi aku berjasa!
  • Very appreciative and grateful thanks – alhamdulillah
  • These individuals are full of passion and love – yup, expecially for my families and friends, life partner, not yet!
  • A thinker and prefer peace and quiet – betul! jus, a thinker???
  • Capable of distorting what he / she said – haha? Blank*
  • Attract the attention of many people – haih! sampai sekarang tak ada pasangan pun
  • Like to seek fame and fortune – tak malu..


  • like to argue – suapaya otak lebih berkembang 😀 I’m not a YES person!!
  • Change easily – kadang-kadang.. SELALU
  • Secretive – YUP!!!
  • People      assume you are a person who does not have feelings (cold), and not easy to establish the relationship or friendship – huhhhhhhhhhhh??? :O
  • You      can act brutally if it is in the wrong mood – ermmmm.. let me think.. *BLANK