One fine day,

My mom was told me,

Sometimes she feels worried about me.

Then, I asked her,


Just because I’m not date?

Mom said,


I know you can dance alone,

You can happy by yourself,

You can hold the pain,

and you can eat as much as you want.

I asked her back,

So, why should you worried about me?

I’m good all the time,

I’m happy being me,

I can behave as I wish,

Mom answered,

I don’t know,

May be every mothers in the world has feeling like she had,

The mother’s love feeling,


Just another woman’s character,

Worried before happen,

Crying when you feel uncomfortable,

Sad when you being alone.

I said to mom,

Oh, thank you mom,

And do not waste your heart being worried about me

As long as you happy, healthy, prosperous with your life,

Me too, feel the same, indeed.


She is my mom.

My mom!



Mirhans Safni

Jun 2012