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7 Things to Avoid Saying

1. “I can’t…”

“Can’t” is a debilitating word that puts up a barrier between you and your goals—it’s like you’ve almost failed before you’ve begun. Someone very wise once said to me that there’s no such word as “can’t”. That’s a great way to look at things; give yourself a chance for success by ditching the word completely.

2. “I’ll try”

Have you ever “tried” to stand up. Try it now. Try to stand up. Did you do it? No, because it’s not possible to “try” and do something. When we say “I’ll try”, what we’re really saying is that we’re not ready to commit. As Yoda from Star Wars once said: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

3. “I wish I didn’t have to…”

Otherwise known as moaning. No one likes to listen to someone groan on, and plus, it’s pointless to do so. If you don’t like something, then take action and change your situation. Otherwise, you might as well get on with life with a smile on your face!

4. “I should…”

The word “should” is inherently negative. “Should” implies a lose: lose situation and it’s just not conducive to positive outcomes in life. It’s a form of criticism, and it’s best left out of your everyday language. Instead of beating yourself up for what you should have done, focus on what you have the power to change.

5. “I need…”

How often do you proclaim a “need” for something, versus how often you genuinely need it? The word “need” creates an unhealthy dependency. The next time you hear yourself say this, have a re-think to determine if you really need what you’re talking about. If you don’t, then let go and minimize any negativity.

6. Pessimistic greetings like “Not bad” or “could be worse.”

I hear this all the time! So many people feel the need to buy into these common phrases without even thinking about what they are saying. They are so negative! Why not say something positive, or at least be honest? (There’s nothing worse than saying you’re “great” all the time if that’s not how you really feel.)

7. “Never.”

The word “never” creates immediate restrictions on your life, and when we say that word, it’s very rarely an accurate reflection of the choices that are available to us. It closes our mind to solutions and creates unnecessary limits. Decide today to never say never again!

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7 Things to Start Saying

1. “YES!”

Entrepreneur Richard Branson claims that making a conscious decision to say “yes” to more things is one of his secrets for success. Next time your natural instinct is to say no, try saying yes instead. Open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities and watch as your life suddenly becomes much more interesting.

2. “I’m lucky / grateful…”

It’s been proven that gratitude can relieve symptoms of depression and unhappiness. Before I go to sleep, I like to remind myself of 3 things each day that I’m grateful for, or lucky to have in my life. This is a nice way to go to bed with positive thoughts instead of being kept awake by worries or fears.

3. “I Will.”

This is a great replacement for “I’ll try”. Consider for a moment how much more powerful the words “I will” are, compared to “I’ll try”. By saying “I will”, you’re really committing to something and your goals suddenly feel possible. Don’t worry too much about whether you actually reach the goals or not—this is about you setting yourself up for success, not failure.

4. “What if?”

This is a great alternative to words like “never” or “impossible”. Instead of limiting us, the phrase “what if?” creates possibility. It encourages solution-oriented thinking, which helps us to solve problems. The next time you feel as though a situation is hopeless, try asking yourself “what if?” and see what solutions pop up.

5. Positive Greetings such as “I’m well.”

Instead of saying “not bad” or “could be worse” when someone asks you how you are, try a simple “I’m well, thankyou” instead. Alternately, if you’re not having a great day, be honest but with a positive spin—“I’m not having the best day but I’m sure tomorrow will be better.”

6. Positive instructions such as “Remember to…”

If I said to you “Don’t think about a pink elephant” right now what did you just think of? A pink elephant, right? So we’re actually thinking about the very thing we want to avoid. This can be really dangerous when we use instructions such as “don’t forget to pay the bills today” because all our brain hears is “forget to pay the bills!” If we flip our language so it’s positive, however, we get much better results. If you want to remember something, then tell yourself just that, instead of what you don’t want to do.

7. “Things could be worse…”

The next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, try re-framing your problem by comparing it to something worse. This is a great way to minimise the size of your problems. When we put things into context, we can gain perspective and suddenly our problems don’t feel as bad.

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Pure Marine Collagen (PMC), Rumpai Laut Semporna

Rumpai Gred AAA (Purple) dan Gred A (Putih)

Rumpai Gred AAA (Purple) dan Gred A (Putih)

Rumpai Gred AAAA

Rumpai Gred AAAA

Saya menjadi orang tengah memborong rumpai laut dari Semporna. Harga sangat murah dan berpatutan. Anda tidak akan menjumpai harga yang sangat murah di tempat lain. Jika berminat sila tinggalkan komen; nama, email address, FB address, no telefon. Saya akan membalas dan melayan anda. Terima kasih..^___^

Ku Terima Kau Apa Adanya


Setulus hatiku..
Tak pernah kuberharap lebih darimu

Hatiku slalu
inginkan kamu
meski kau tak sempurna dimata lainnya

Kuterima kekuranganmu
Yang kumahu hanya hatimu

Kuterima kekuranganmu
Kusyukuri kelebihanmu
Kerana ku memang sayang kamu…
Kuterima kekuranganmu
Kusyukuri kelebihanmu
Kerana ku memang sayang kamu…


9 Benda Kotor daripada Tandas Duduk

9 Benda Yang Kotor Drpd Tempat Duduk TANDAS anda ! ✖

Nah..mangkuk tandas..:P

Nah..mangkuk tandas..:P

Mengiku kajian para saintis, terdapat tempat yang lebih kotor dari tempat duduk tandas di rumah anda, sebahagian daripada kita tidak menyedarinya.Berikut adalah senarai tersebut :

☢ 1) Sinki Dapur – Kebanyakan berfikir sebaliknya, tetapi dapur mungkin menjadi tempat yang tercemar di rumah anda. Biasanya terdapat 500,000 bakteria setiap inci persegi dalam lubang sinki sahaja.

☢ 2) Suiz Lampu / Kipas – Selama bertahun-tahun tangan kotor anda menyumbang kepada 217K bakteria per inci persegi.

☢ 3) Tombol Pintu – Seperti yang anda tahu, tangan adalah salah satu bahagian tercemar. Menyentuh tombol pintu, yang juga jarang dibersihkan.Kuman dan bakteria dari orang lain yang telah menyentuh tombol itu berpindah ke tangan anda.

☢ 4) Keyboard Komputer – Pastikan sembura keyboard anda dengan udara mampat dan lap bersih dengan kain dan detergen ringan. Dalam satu kajian rawak daripada 33 keyboard, empat daripadanya dikategorikan “Merbahaya untuk kesihatan”.

☢ 5) Wang/Duit – Pesuruhjaya Kajian Kesihatan mendapati 135.000 bakteria daripada satu not kertas dan purata 126.000 dari yang lain. Pastikan anda membasuh tangansetelah mengendalikan wang yang banyak.

☢ 6) Span Basuh Pinggan – rekahan dalam span membuat ia sukar untuk membunuh dan membasmi bakteria dan kuman.Pengguna span secara umumnya hanya memindahkan bakteria dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. Cara yang mudah untuk membersihkan span adalah, panaskan dalam microwave lebih kurangsaat 60, dan ia akan menghilangkan bau juga.

☢ 7) Pemegang Pintu Peti sejuk – Seperti knob pintu , pemegang pintu peti ais juga diguna oleh semua penghuni rumah.

☢ 8) Telefon bimbit – Ia begitu digunakan secara meluas , mengikut kajian ianya mempunyai 18 kali ganda kuman dan bakteria berbanding tempat duduk tandas.Bersihkan dan menggunakan tisu antibakteria.

☢ 9) Alat Kawalan Jauh TV – SARS, MRSA dan VRE antara bakteria yang mudah dipindahkan oke remote TV. Yang paling mengelikan ialah remote TV Hotel, pastikan anda balut ia dalam plastik semasa penginapan anda di mana-mana hotel.

♥ ♥